Survey on Voice Actors for Hifuu Club Activity Record -Prayer-



This is a survey on the popular interest of the voice actors for the upcoming Touhou-themed fan animated series "Hifuu Club Activity Record -Prayer-" by the doujin group "Kyoto Fantasy Troupe".

We had been considering incorporating voice acting for the animated episodes, but neither this decision, nor the exact voice cast if it is actually done, has been finalised.
Therefore, we are holding this survey listen to opinions from Touhou fans on the best voice actor candidates for the characters.
We will finalise our arrangements on voice acting based on the results of this survey.

Note: "Hifuu Club Activity Record -Prayer-" is a fan animated series, and is not an official work.
Touhou Project is made by Team Shanghai Alice. We are not affiliated or related to them in any way.

The story of [-Prayer-] unfolds around the past of the members in the Moriya Shrine, the main characters of MoF. Unlike our previous work [Hifuu Club Activity Record -Moon-], this time the Secret Sealing Club will actually involve in the development of the plot, and will influence the outcome to a degree. Please look forward to their active role.

How to

Please fill in the most appropriate voice actor (one only) in your opinion, as well as the reason (optional), inside the respective text boxes for each character.


1. Please read the character profiles before doing the survey, and pay attention on their details, such as gender.
2. Only voice actors capable of acting in Japanese are allowed.
3. Please complete the nomination for at least one character.
4. You can leave the nominations for characters you can't make your decision blank.
5. One voice actor only for each character. Nominations exceeding this limit will not be counted.
6. Please fill in the complete name (in Japanese or English) of the voice actor, instead of nicknames or abbreviations.

Survey ends at

Survey period has ended.


1. Survey results are for reference only, and will not be disclosed.
2. Please refrain from submitting garbage data.

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